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31 Mar 2014




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Review by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 18 Oct 2012

Know how Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook present your files in a calendar view? Nemo Documents, an intuitive file manager developed by Danish software company IOLA, does the same thing: it presents your documents, images, and other files in a calendar-like interface, thus allowing you to manage your data more easily.

You can install it on any Windows edition from Windows XP all the way up to Windows 8. Getting the application up and running is a standard process: download an executable (a very small one in this case, smaller than 1MB), run it, then go through the onscreen instructions presented by a setup wizard. When you’re done and you run Nemo Documents for the first time, it will look for relevant files and will invite you to view a small tutorial.

Nemo Documents features a dark themed interface. The bar to the left presents indexed file types, indexed folders, labels, persons, and starred files. The tabs in the upper right hand corner let you switch between List, Day, Week, Month, and Year view. The main pane of the interface presents all the files indexed by the application – it’s a calendar-like view that presents your files based on when you last modified them.

Thanks to the intuitive means of managing files provided by Nemo Documents, you can be more productive. You can use the application to manage a wide variety of file types, from DOC, ODF, and PDF to JPEg, AVI, and MP3s. Just tell the application where to look and which types of files to look for, and it will index said folders and those file types – all the info will be presented on the application’s intuitive interface.

Nemo Documents features Google integration. Just enter your credentials (username and password) and Google Calendar and Google Drive will be integrated. Nemo Documents also features email integration which enables it to index file attachments.

Nemo Documents, a free IOLA-developed application, provides an intuitive and efficient means of managing your files.


Pick the folders you want Nemo Documents to index. The application provides support for numerous file types and for many languages. Google and email integration. Nemo Documents features an intuitive, user friendly interface. Add labels, star files, use a handy search function. The application is freeware.


None that I could think of.

Nemo Documents


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Nemo Documents has been reviewed by George Norman on 18 Oct 2012. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated Nemo Documents 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential


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